Confectionery in the city center with its own production of cakes, pies, traditional desserts and ice cream.

We love cakes like you!

We are experienced confectionary team, which offers first class products for good prices with excellent sales service.


What’s  Is Important To Us

Wooden measure spoon and bunch of flour closeup, horizontal picture

We restore old recipes

The world changed and our tastes too. Of course there are sweets that still taste good. So we like to restore old cookbooks and repices.

Details of a birthday cake, decoration as sailing boat.

Ordered cakes

Our confectioners had made over thousand cakes. Don´t wait to call us and order your really unusual cake!

Close-up of wire whisk in flour, whipping cake mixture

We take only the best

We are not save on you. We take only the best ingredients from whole world and you will easily recognise our work. You will taste the feeling of Holand, Belgium and Madagascar.