Moje Cukrářství - Cukrárna v Praze

Our cakes and presents

All of this you can find here. Some of our sweets may change, but some of our sweets you can find always.


Gift caskets

Prager Sacher – chocolate corpus with apricot marmelade and covered with dark chocolate. All packed in a luxury box made from poplar wood. In 2 sizes 15 cm for 650,-Kč and 23 cm for 990,-Kč.


Pralines in gift packets

In paper casket
6 pcs / 139,-Kč
12 pcs / 236,-Kč
24 pcs / 548,-Kč

6 pcs /199,-Kč
12 pcs /395,-Kč

In luxury casket from poplar wood
40 pcs / 980,- Kč

Makronka 25,-Kč


Sponge cakes, pies and strudels

Bábovka – with nuts, with apples and nuts, with chocolate and cherries 40,-Kč
Štrůdl – traditional strudel made from puff pastry – with apples, nuts and raisins 50,-Kč, curd with apricots, cherries with marzipan or plums and poppy seeds 45,-Kč
Meruňkový koláč – apricot pie with curd 40,-Kč
Švestkový koláč – plum pie with butter crumbling 40,-Kč
Linecký koláč – with currant 40,-Kč
Rebarborový koláč – rhubarb pie with butter crumbling 40,-Kč



Mini Košíček – basket full of chocolate cream or vanilla cream 20,-Kč
Pavlova – Australian dessert made from whipped eggs and fruits 70,-Kč
Bezé roláda
– sponge dough with nuts and full of whipped cream 40,-Kč

Větrník – caramel cake or gritted by sugar, with vanilla cream whipped cream and strawberries or raspberries 49,-Kč
Kremrole – Czech dessert filed with cream and covered by chocolate 60,-Kč
Kremschnit – vanilla pudding, whipped cream and a bit of currant marmelade 65,-Kč
Čoko Bomba – chocolate sponge with spume from belgium chocolate and covered by chocolate 70,-Kč
Jahodová tartaletka – basket full of light cream and strawberries 75,-Kč
Nuget – oval cake with nugat and chocolate 70,-Kč
Želé Savarin – sponge corpus with marmelade and raspberry jelly 45,-Kč
Pomerančový dortík – Orange cake with cinnamon 70,-Kč
Cheese cake – traditional curd cheese cake covered by white chocolate 70,-Kč
Mrkvánek – carrot cake with caramel 65,-Kč
Ovocná páj – fruit pie full of cream – curdy cream 65,-Kč
Kokosky – coconut biscuit, they are also in packets per 10 pieses in each 55,-Kč
Cookies – homemade cookies, they are also in packets per 8 pieses in each 55,-Kč


Cutted cakes

Punčový – cake with rum and chocolate 60,-Kč
Mrkvánek – traditional carrot cake with caramel 70,-Kč
Tvarožník – curd cake with peaches 60,-Kč
Černá labuť cake – chocolate corpus, with belgium chocolate inside, espresso, coffee liqueur and dark rum 70,-Kč
Pistaciový dort – pistachio cake covered by marzipane 70,-Kč
Rafaelo – dark and light corpus with coconut and two kinds of chcocolate 70,-Kč
Schwarzwald – chocolate corpus with whipped cream, cherries and decorated by chocolate 65,-Kč
Prager Sacher ­- chocolate corpus with apricot marmelade and covered with dark chocolate 65,-Kč
Charlotte jahodová – light strawberry cake with pudding cream 70,-Kč
Čokoládový dort s chilli – chilli chocolate cake 70,-Kč
Kafánek – coffee cake with nuts 70,-Kč
Monet – cake full of belgium chocolate and cream 70,-Kč


Gluten free desserts

We make gluten free cakes from corn flour. But we don´t have separated spaces for gluter free cakes, so we cannot 100 % garant, that trace amount of gluten will be in our cakes. Thank you for understanding.

Laskonka and Chocolaskonka –40,- Kč coconut cake made from glairs in 3 sizes: mini 20,-Kč, classic 35,-Kč or big 59,-Kč can be also witch cocolate cream inside
Malinový oválek – raspberry cake with chocolate corpus and creamy jelly 60,-Kč
Čokoládová roláda – chocolate sponge with chocolate and whipped cream 50,-Kč
Tvarohová mousse – curd spume with light sponge covered by apricot cream 65,-Kč
Jahodová mousse – curd spume with light sponge covered by strawberry cream 65,-Kč
Mrkvánek – traditional carrot cake  with caramel 70,-Kč
Gluten free pie – 45,-Kč

Kokosky – coconut biscuit, they are also in packets per 10 pieses in each 55,-Kč