Sandwiches and Quiches

We had an idea that you would like to eat something salty. We are savory nation but we wanted to do it a bit differently! We took wholegrain bread and we start learning old delicatessen recipes. Our mum’s and grandmother’s helped us and we also used Lippert, Zoufaly and Linka recipes. We try out handmade greaves, roast roastbeef, pork tenderloin and vitello tonnato. We spent hours by making rillettes. But it was worth it. Finally we baked couple of salty pies QUICHE and gluten free sandwiches.  Now is’t your turn, come and try them.

IMG_8370 IMG_8365 IMG_8352 IMG_8397 IMG_8392 IMG_8393 IMG_8406 IMG_8372 IMG_8378 IMG_8382